Northfront Approach

Our Vision

At Northfront Financial, we help create financial capacity for our clients by deeply understanding their needs, opportunities, and strengths through our Northfront Process.  Our mission is to work with our team and partners in order to provide a world-class wealth management experience through an in-depth understanding of our clients' objectives. The goals of our clients are paramount and they are the focus of our practice - we help create financial capacity for our clients so they can have the impact they want on their family and community.

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Funds Overview

Northfront Financial has three pooled funds, structured as mutual fund trusts, for the purpose of managing client assets in a cost-effective manner, while being allocated to help meet client investment goals.

The three pooled funds have different investment strategies; used in combination they provide diversity to client portfolios based on each individual client’s investment objectives, income needs, and risk tolerance.

The Fiduciary Advantage

Portfolio Managers offer an inherent advantage that provides private client and institutional investors with an additional measure of confidence. As Portfolio Managers, and fiduciaries, we have a legal requirement and duty to act with the utmost care, in good faith, and always with our clients’ best interests.  To learn more about the Fiduciary Advantage, please see this overview from the Portfolio Management Association of Canada.