Developing solutions for clients to help attract and retain the talent in their businesses

Northfront Insurance, a division of Northfront Financial, has been providing client focused service since 1979. Our insurance practice offers group, life, and disability policies to name a few. Over our forty years of operations, we’ve maintained a single focus—doing what’s best for clients.


Our group insurance practice focuses on developing customized plans for small and medium size businesses, providing access to products and services that are normally reserved for larger companies. 

Building relationships with our clients, we develop a deep understanding of their needs and tailor programs to support the attraction and retention of talent in their businesses. We take the hard parts out of group benefits—we provide options, maintain the programs you select, and make sure your team is taken care of. 

•    We specialize in small and mid-sized business. Instead of cookie cutter solutions, we provide customized plans to meet your needs. 

•    Unlike many group insurance providers, we are also licensed asset managers. This allows us to provide additional services for you.

•    We offer Group RRSP plans to small and midsized businesses who wouldn’t be able to provide them otherwise due to costs.


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