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Worried About Your Financial Plan? Schedule A Q&A Call Today

By Shamez Kassam, CFA, MBA

Has the coronavirus pandemic and it’s far-reaching implications caused you to wake up worried or go to bed at night with your mind racing? For most of us, our schedules have been turned upside down; we don’t know what’s going to happen with our businesses or jobs; we’re concerned for loved ones; and we’re apprehensive about the markets and the economy. We get it. We are living in unprecedented times and there is no crystal ball to tell us what our world will look like in three months.

But we believe there is one thing that should not be causing you to worry, and that’s your financial plan.

A Plan To Avoid Worry

The purpose of having a financial plan is so that you can experience confidence and be ready when chaos comes. Taking the intentional steps of examining your life situation, identifying your goals, and mapping out the path to achieve them brings peace of mind and gives you a financial future to look forward to.

If you aren’t sure if your plan is set up to withstand our current economic circumstances or you are wondering if you need to make any changes to weather this storm better, we are here to help you thrive.

Meet With Us Virtually!

You are our number-one priority right now. So if you have questions or concerns about your money, your goals, asset allocation, risk, what the markets are doing, or anything that’s causing you financial worry, we are here as your shoulder to lean on.

We know this is a stressful time and, as always, we are here to serve you in every possible way. Call 403-571-8960 or email to schedule a Q&A call today so you can cross at least one worry off your list.

About Northfront Financial

Northfront Financial is a boutique full-service financial planning firm serving individuals and families in Calgary, Alberta. The firm specializes in pension style investing so that the quality of your retirement is not dependent on the stock market. As one of Calgary’s leading wealth management teams with highly skilled, certified team members, they help create financial capacity for their clients by deeply understanding their needs, opportunities, and strengths through their unique Northfront Process™. To learn more about Northfront Financial and how they can help you, visit their website and schedule a complimentary appointment.

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